Lupus Fighters of America FoundationLupus Support Group Meetings

Lupus Fighters of America Foundation

Lupus Fighters of America Foundation is a 501c3 Federal Exempt Organization. Were dedicated to assisting those struggling with Lupus, helping the less fortunate families as well as rebuilding our community.

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Lupus Support Group Meetings

Don’t walk through life thinking your alone with your battle with Lupus. Were here to assist, help educate and support you in your daily struggles in the war against Lupus.

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Business Outside The Box


Here at Lupus Fighters of America Foundation, we understand that education is key and knowledge is power. So we will do our best to teach you, educate and guide you through the entire Business Outside The Box process to help you gain valuable credit worthiness.


May We Have Your Attention Please!

Are you a real estate agent, loan officer, escrow, lender and or bank rep with clients that have sub-par personal credit. Perhaps your an entrepreneur & or married couple who started a  business & in need of funding!

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No Time Like The Present

Have you started considering those New Year’s resolutions? If not, now is the time to start and make a commitment to better spending habits, more savings and an improved credit score.  Are you considering purchasing a new home, start investing in real estate or get a new car? You will need to make sure all of your “financial ducks” are in order before making that serious commitment. Come join us at our BOTB Course and we’ll help you achieve your goal!


For participants to walk away educated in the credit industry and how to accomplish their financial goals. This Course is interactive. Students learn about the business and personal credit industry. As well as accomplishing the task and goals set fourth in & out of the Course.  By the last Course session, you should be educated, knowledgeable  and on your way to creating financial stability.

How The Process Works

We will do a full business and personal credit analysis to implement the best plan of action. Briefly discuss some hot business and personal credit topics, go over your business as well as your personal credit file. Upon Day 1; we’ll design Dispute For Correction letters specifically for your file and print them out, sent certified mail with a tracking number to be mailed off by you. Day 1; we will assist you with building and establishing business credit trade-line vendors.

What We Offer!

We provide participates with a No Credit Check Instant $1,800 Line of Credit. With only $299.95 down & $98.99 quarterly payments (1 every 90 days) over 4 years to pay off your LOC. Our free Course includes; teaching you how to incorporate your own business, how to build business credit & get corporate funding. Including our step by step PCR & BBC booklets, one (1) Primary Trade-line, one (1) 4+ year Seasoned Trade-line & one (1) 10+ year Seasoned Trade-line added to their personal credit file. You will also have access to Specifically created DFC letters, personal & business loan funding assistance, budgeting tools, 24/7 support & more.

Course Description

Credit plays an important role in our society. It is often misunderstood and misused, which can have a negative impact on our lives for many years. Our interactive pilot course will provide students a general understanding of how to incorporate their business, build business credit, establish business trade-lines & learn the personal credit re-establishing process & how to restore their own credit.

Participants will learn about the importance of business and personal credit, budgeting and obtain access to credit funding resources, cyber protection for personal and business purposes, tips, tools and be provided a credit advocate that will help you achieve your goals.

Students will be taught the right way to manage their business, build business credit & build and or restore their personal credit. Students will have the opportunity to see first hand how both the business credit & personal credit process works. For personal credit; Students will mail off letters with assistance from the instructor the same day; because there is no time like the present, to get started.

How Long Are The Course

Our Courses are 50 minutes long for Topic Discussion. 30 Minutes for Course participation and 30 minutes for the Q&A session. We’re not your typical workshop that will waste time, we get right to the meat & potatoes, Our Courses are held every 45 days for 1 year.

What Do I Need To Bring

You will need to have your government id, social security card, utility bill showing you’re current address & current business (If Applicable) incorporation documents & personal credit report (No Less than 1 week old).

How Much Does It Cost

The total donation pledge for our Instant Line of Credit and BOTB Course is $1,800 for a limited time. However; only $299.95 is required to start & you’ll make sixteen (16) quarterly payments (1 every 90 days) of just $98.99 for four (4) years to payoff the LOC.

When Can I Except Results

The Credit Industry can be time consuming, it takes patients and dedication. Sticking to your guns and staying focused is important, by doing so, you can see results in as soon as 60 days. However; Individual results will vary, depending upon the stage(s) of your credit file

Do You Offer Any Guarantees

We’re not in control of what the credit reporting agencies do, so cannot guarantee any results. However; we can guarantee, you will be educated and fully equipped with a great understanding & knowledge of the business & personal credit industry as well as how to accomplish your future financial goals.

About The Line of Credit

You will be issued a $1,800 Line of Credit without a personal credit check. Your LOC quarterly payments will be reported to the major credit reporting agency(s) and or 3rd party approved credit reporting alternative services. This will help you build and establish true credit worthiness with a trade-line as the primary account holder.

*Bonus Offer*

You Will Also Learn About Cyber Protection

Many people think that cyber security refers to the software and monitoring that protect their email, operating system, network, and printing devices from malicious attack or data theft. True, this is a large and important part of cyber security for business. But employees also play a significant role in making sure your company is protected. The proper training and awareness of best practices can help prevent many major security breaches. You’ll learn that your protection practices needs to start at home with your personal data, those good protection practices will translate in to solid business protection practices. Which opens doors about the many areas of your organization where cyber security is needed and how to keep your business protected and your important data protected.



* Start With Net 30 Accounts

* Establish Ten (10) Trade-lines That Report

* Purchase Only What You Can Afford

* Make Your Payments Before The Due Date

* Establish A Paydex Score Between 80 – 100

* Generate Monthly Revenue For Your Corp

* Get A Secured Business LOC ($500-$5K)

biz credit


  • Use Your Personal Credit (680 Min Fico)
  • Co-Sign For Your Business

  • Reports To Business Credit

  • Wont Affect Your Personal Credit Score

  • Get Business Funding in 3 – 15 Days

  • $10,000 – $200,000 in Business Funding

  • For Start-ups and Existing Businesses


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