Lupus Fighters of America Foundation

Lupus Fighters of America Foundation

Lupus Fighters of America Foundation is a 501c3 Federal Exempt Organization. Were dedicated to assisting those struggling with Lupus, helping the less fortunate families as well as rebuilding our community.

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Here at LFOA, we believe that having some sort of connectivity equals opportunity and stability throughout the community. So with that said; if you have any unwanted desktop/laptop computers, android and or iphone tablet/cell devices. Do not throw them in the trash and or the land fields. Please donate them to Lupus Fighters of America. Here at LFOA we refurbish and restore the unwanted computers and devices and turn them into fully functional tools to be used for our programs. We also recycle the fully functional working computers and devices back into the community, were providing a progressive approach to community development, e-waste management and education.

Application Assistance

This course is designed to help teach, assist and guide you through the whole FAFSA application process..

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Business Outside the Box

This program involves careful examination of a business before implementing business credit. We do the work, show and guide you in the right direction to building business credit from the foundation up.

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A special thank you and appreciation to SNH | Inc. for donating computers, monitors, mouse, keyboards and cables for our DCSDT program.

desktop pc

Digital Skills Training Continued…..

We are working extremely hard to ensure that under resourced Nevada residents have a working desktop/laptop computer and Internet connection within their homes. Connectivity by itself will not close the Digital Divide, however. To help people become active digital citizens, we offer a few equally important programs to the community and aboard. Online connectivity & job searching, resume preparation, entrepreneurship & networking, FASFA application process, computer repair and digital literacy educational are just a few of our skills training workshops.

computer-lab computer-lab

We take these refurbished systems and use them for our portable computer lab skills training programs as well as recycle them back into useful hands. We grant these computers to qualifying individuals, families, Lupus/Cancer Patients, those with Disabilities, Senior Citizens, Military Veterans and Low-Income recipients completely free.

Our vision is to place a working computer in every home to promote a world of electronic reuse and re-purposing. We can better the lives of everyone by harnessing the power of technology and the Internet. DCSDT programs teaches our volunteers, students and staff within our workshops how to repair desktop and laptop computer systems.

By November 2018, our mission will be to have 200 class sessions held in twenty (20) different locations throughout Nevada’s urban core, reaching 2,000+ people. Having a portable computer training lab equip with Chromebooks desktops and laptops, can be beneficial. This gives each individual to have an interactive hands on learning experience. Our DCSDT Program can be brought to your corporate offices, libraries, schools, churches and other community facilities.


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