Lupus Fighters of America Foundation

Lupus Fighters of America Foundation

Lupus Fighters of America Foundation is a 501c3 Federal Exempt Organization. Were dedicated to assisting those struggling with Lupus, helping the less fortunate families as well as rebuilding our community.

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Caregivers Kit

We do our best to provide you with the necessary informative tools needed to assist you with being a caregiver. As you know, its hard for the patient to deal with their illness on a daily basis. As well, it can be just as hard on the caregiver, the reason your a caregiver is because you truly care.

Are you looking for tools and resources to help you get started? Our toolkit will guide you, and help you build the knowledge, skills, and confidence you’ll need to become an effective caregiver.

       Toolkit For Caregivers 



Comprehensive File Report

Doctor/Health-care Visit File

Primary Patient Information Form

Caregivers Primary Information Form

Gas / Mileage Spreadsheet

    Military Veterans Information 


PTSD Patient Program

Housing Assistance Programs

Government Grant Programs

Rehabilitation Programs

Job Training & Placement Programs


Here you will find our different sponsorship packages, choose the one (1) package level that fits your needs as well as your budget. Each sponsorship package has its own unique […]

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Organic Matters

What is the difference between Hydroponics and Aquaponics. We get asked this question many times, so we’ve provided some information for you that will explain the difference between the two. […]

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Through programs of research, outreach, education, support and a variety of services, the Lupus Fighters of America provides help and hope to people with lupus and their families.   For […]

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Welcome to the Lupus Fighters Marketplace – all proceeds go directly towards our outreach and education programs. As well; its disburse towards the transportation and support group services to assist […]

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