Lupus Fighters of America Foundation

Lupus Fighters of America Foundation

Lupus Fighters of America Foundation is a 501c3 Federal Exempt Organization. Were dedicated to assisting those struggling with Lupus, helping the less fortunate families as well as rebuilding our community.

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Business Funding

Want flexible financing? Then you want a business line of credit.

Think of a line of credit as a financial safety net for your business. It’s there if you need it, but you’re under no obligation to use it. And when you do tap into it, you can use it to cover almost any small business need. Plus, you only pay interest on the funds you use, not the full amount. In other words, it’s as flexible as a double-jointed yoga teacher. We help you get Business Lines of Credit (BLOC) for your business. It provides you the safety net you need, with the flexibility you want.

If you been in business for 1 year and your revenue is $50,000 annually, we can get you funding. Perhaps your a start-up and only been in business a short time, and can prove a monthly average of $4,300 for three (3) months. We can get you funding.

Business Lines of Credit Details:



1 – 2 Years



Interest Rate


Check Use your line of credit for just about anything (really).

A business line of credit isn’t just a safety net – it’s also one of the most flexible forms of financing. You can use it for just about any small business need: buying equipment, hiring staff, increasing inventory, adding a second location, paying invoices, installing a cappuccino machine, and more.

And because a line of credit is revolving, you can use it as many times as you want. As soon as you repay what you’ve used, those funds become available to you again.

Check Qualify and applying for your line of credit is pretty easy.

To get your business line of credit, you’ll typically need to be in business at least 6 months and have $50,000 or more in annual revenue. You’ll also need a credit score of 560 or higher.

Your lender may ask you to make a personal guarantee, which is an agreement that the lender may be able to levy personal assets such as a car, house, or bank account if you default on the line of credit.

Applying is easy: simply fill out our 15-minute application, then compare business line of credit options from 75+ lenders.

Check You pay interest on the funds you use, not the whole thing.

One of the coolest things about a business line of credit is that you only pay interest on the funds you use, not the full amount. For example, if you’re approved for a $40,000 business line of credit and you use $20,000 for office upgrades, you’ll just pay interest on that $20,000. This could save you a bundle in interest. See, pretty cool, huh?

Here’s how it works

Get started

Fill out our 15-minute application. There’s no fee or obligation, and all your information is secured with bank-grade encryption and SSL technology. Don’t worry, we promise it won’t feel like you’re taking the SAT – our questions are much easier to answer. Get Started!

Get matched

We match you with loan options from our network of 75+ lenders. Because why would you visit every bank in town trying to find the best loan option when our proprietary algorithm can do it for you? Technology – ain’t it grand?

Get options

Lenders make offers and we help you choose the best one based on your budget, goals, and unique needs. Which means you don’t just walk away with any ol’ loan – you walk away with the perfect loan for your business.

Get funded

We know you don’t have time to dilly dally when it comes to capital, which is why we work with lenders that can get you funded fast. Once you’re approved, you’ll be able to access your capital in as little as 24 hours.


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