Lupus Fighters of America Foundation

Lupus Fighters of America Foundation

Lupus Fighters of America Foundation is a 501c3 Federal Exempt Organization. Were dedicated to assisting those struggling with Lupus, helping the less fortunate families as well as rebuilding our community.

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Walk For The Cause

Why We Walk

Lupus Fighters of America has numerous reasons why we walk. We cant list them all, however; we will start by saying this – we walk for those who cant. We walk to give our Lupus Warriors strength, knowing were doing this for them. We walk to spread Lupus Awareness and Funding for Lupus Research. We walk to Educate the people in our community about Lupus. We walk for a Cure. Join the movement, Register Today and Walk For The Cause!


Spread The Word

Take Action Today!

We walk to spread more Lupus Awareness.

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We Need A Cure

Help Save Lives!

We walk for 13,500+ Lupus Warriors here in Nevada.

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Make A Difference

Donate Now!

We walk to fund-raise for Lupus education, services and a cure.

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Get Involved

The Lupus Fighters of America would like to improve and expand programs, services, and events throughout our region.  Many areas of Nevada, Oregon, Detriot and Washington are currently underserved in terms of lupus education, support and advocacy.  In the months and years ahead we will be working hard to correct this situation.

While LFOA, working hard to bridge the gap on Lupus education, research and awareness with cutting-edge educational materials and software programs. We are a small grass-roots non-profit and in order to grow, we need more assistance who can bring diverse talents to our organization.  Here is a list of ways to get involved, and help us find a cure and have a world without lupus.

Rock’in Purple 4 You: Event Committee

Join us as we coordinate our Community Redevelopment Projects, Fund-raisers, Educational & Outreach Programs and Community Events!

*Most committees meet on a monthly basis.  Specific action steps will be defined for each member to complete with clearly defined deadlines.  Committee service for LFOA, will be enjoyable and rewarding.  Geography should not interfere with your participation, as members can be teleconferenced into meetings.

Event Support

Support LFOA staff in producing high quality events. You can post event fliers in community spaces and or encourage walkers, friends, co-workers and business owners to promote “Rock’in Purple 4 You” as a supporter, sponsor and or volunteer.

Education Programs

Assist in organizing local community programs that will provide updates on developments in research, treatment, and coping with lupus.

Lupus Advocacy

Reach out to representatives at the local and state level about issues involving the lupus community.  This includes coordinating letter writing campaigns, petitions, and face-to-face meetings with congressman/woman, legislators and other government officials.

Outreach to Underserved Communities

Develop connections with underserved communities regarding the importance of early lupus diagnosis, consistent health care, good communication with health care providers, healthy nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, and other strategies that help people cope with lupus.

Opportunities for Professionals & People with Specific Skills:

• IT skills: computer tech, coding, robotics (engineering)
• Writers: grants, bimonthly newsletters, blogs
• Design: website development, graphic designer, social media
• Healthcare Professionals: speakers, presenters, mobile clinics, nurses, educational series



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